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Our most important contributions are the ones we leave behind…

on March 8, 2010

Sapsucker: 1. (noun) A yellow bellied woodpecker. 2. Also the substitution of a cuss word (most notably by my Father).

Example: You dog gone sapsucker.

That’s right, Dad never cussed. It’s been 23 years since he passed and all I can come up with is, you guessed it Sapsucker. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not on a journey to find what wrong my Father did while he was on this earth. I am actually doing the opposite, I am trying to figure out if he was as good of a man as I remember him being and people saying.

Now that I am a Dad myself, it is more important than ever that I collect facts, information, stories and maybe a few tall tales about Dad.

Growing up there is a lot I remember of my childhood and life long hero, there is also a lot I don’t remember too. I don’t remember him drinking, cussing, him and mom fighting, yelling, arguing , cheating or complaining.  

I do remember him treating Mom just as she was, like a Lady. I remember him putting in an honest hard days work AFTER he got home from work (where he had already put in an honest hard days work). I remember him loving God, His Family and friends. I remember all of us loving him back … and we still do.  I remember how he believed in me which made me believe in myself. I remember him helping his fellow-man. I remember him being a good example for me. I remember him saying “this hurts me worse than it hurts you” as he would take the belt to my rump.

As I mentioned I am now a Dad, have been for over 3 years (greatest 3 years of my life). I now understand how true his words were about spanking me. I treat my wife/my little boy’s Mom-ma like a Lady. I now try to live my life to a higher standard because my Dad chose to do that for me.


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