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Play Ball!

on March 10, 2010

I was informed yesterday morning that my son is now officially signed up for t-ball. I will have to say yesterday was one of the best days of the year so far! I was floating, ecstatic, I am really excited! Thinking of my son getting to play baseball (sort of) took me back to a few very fond memories I have of my Dad…

When I played little league and Babe Ruth baseball, the most delighted I would be is when Mom and I would go down to the field for my game. Dad would be working as he always did, but sometime during the game he would show up. I can still see him standing against the chain link fence watching my every move and cheering me on and yelling words of encouragement.

I grew up in a neighborhood that had plenty of kids so it was always easy to get a game going on our street.The summer before Dad pasted away, we were one player short and I suggested asking Dad to play. All the kids didn’t seem to mind, but they also didn’t think it was the best idea they had heard of either. So I asked him and he was delighted to help out. All was going as planned until he ended up on the other team, one of the kids on the other team was really upset about this. He was being a real brat about it so I suggested I would take Dad on my team and he could have any player he wanted from my team. He quickly did so and the ball game started. It was a spirited game and in the last inning we had last bat. We were down by one run, we had 2 outs and Dad was coming to bat with me on first. The “brat” (from earlier in the story) was pitching. He was acting cocky and was acting as though since my “old man” was up that we had all but already lost. I don’t recall the balls and strikes while Dad was up to bat, I just remember that last pitch … that Dad hit high and deep into right field. I took off running with Dad not far behind me, I came across home plate then turned to see where Dad was. He was rounding third as the ball was thrown from the outfield. The cut off man threw a rocket to home plate I knew then that the only way we could win would be if Dad slid into home. Of course your thinking the same thing I am, my Dad is not going to slide into home! Well if you think that, then you now know we are both wrong. He did slide into home and we did win that game.

I still think of that nice summer day all the time. It still brings me immense joy just like it did back in the summer of ’86. I have learned something new about that particular game now that I have a little boy of my own. He didn’t win that game for him or us, he won it for me. Thanks Dad.


5 responses to “Play Ball!

  1. kosminski says:

    awesome stories dude… this is a pretty sweet forum for remembering your pops and keeping me abreast of the Clayton years. Keep em coming.

  2. shayne says:

    I LOVE this story, Joe!! This blog is such a great idea and such a wonderful tribute to your dad. God bless you, buddy and keep’em coming!

  3. Jamey Davis says:

    WOW!!! What a great story. Sounds like you have a great Dad, as does Clayton!

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