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Fish out of water…

on April 1, 2010

Growing up I remember my Dad really enjoyed to make people laugh. He enjoyed spreading happiness, be it through a good story, prank or what have you.

Dad worked for CSX on the railroad so unfortunately he was always on call. This is one of the reasons he told me that he never wanted me to work on the railroad. Obviously I never really entertained the though but always wanted to be like my Dad so I did think about it.

Ok back to Dad spreading the funny. It was a nice spring day and I had just got home from school. I was around 10 years old. I came in the house, threw my books down, let Mom and Dad know I was home and that I was going down the street to play. At this point Dad told me he would see me tomorrow that he had been called out to work. I gave him a big hug, kiss and told him I loved him. He reciprocated the gesture.

I get about a quarter mile down the street when Dad drives up behind me and stops. He said “Son you better hurry home, your aquarium has shattered and your bedroom floor is soaked and fish are flopping everywhere!” I asked for a ride home but he said he needed to get to work. Now we are talking about a 30 gallon tank so I envision the terrible mess, not to mention one mad Mom when I get there! I sprinted as fast as I could home and swung the front door open. I ran down the hall to my bedroom, but it wasn’t what I expected. The aquarium was in tact, all the water and fish still inside. I was confused … and out of breath! About that time Dad walked in laughing with Mom right behind him with a small grin shaking her head. It then dawned on me, it was April 1st.


One response to “Fish out of water…

  1. kosminski says:

    haha… thats classic. I once told my mom I had gotten my girlfriend pregnant in college. she didn’t speak to me for three weeks. needless to say, i haven’t pulled one on her since then.

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