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Gone fishin’

on May 13, 2010

About three weeks ago I told Clayton that I would take him to the store to pick out a fishing pole that weekend. Well the weekend rolled around and he didn’t forget to remind me of the promise I had made. We went to the store and carefully looked over all the kids fishing poles (all 4 of them). He carefully selected the Cars fishing pole.

In the weeks to come he informed everyone that would listen that his Daddy was going to take him fishing and he was gonna catch a fish this big (arms extended all the way). I didn’t think much about it until Kayla and Clayton showed up last Friday night at our place down here in Tennessee (on the Holston River). That night I expressed concern to Kayla that well, uhm I hadn’t fished since I was a little boy. This meant I have no idea what I was doing! I felt like I was on the brink of letting our little man down.

Kayla did really good calming me down by stating that all little boys want to do is spend time with their Daddys and that Saturday morning would be no different. Well I woke up Saturday morning and sure enough, Clayton was ready to skip breakfast and go catch a big fish! I on the other hand was starting to feel that pressure again!

After breakfast we headed to the banks of the Holston river to fish. As Kayla found the perfect spot in the sun with a book, we finally make it to what looked like the perfect spot. We got situated and cast out for the first time. We reeled in our line but there was nothing on them. One cast and all I had was a 3 year old with a confused look on his face! I thought I may be in for a long day. We got ready to cast out again when Clayton decided the problem may be that he should be using my fishing pole. So we traded, cast out and SPLASH! He was right, he was fishing with the wrong pole because on the second cast of his young life Clayton reeled in a 8″ smallmouth bass.

He yelled towards our front yard for his Mommy to look! He was so excited which made my day, I thought we may be in for one amazing day of fishing! We took it to show to his Mommy and when I went back to fish again he wanted no part. It was time for him to play! Yelp, he had done his duty. He had gotten what he came for, he had taken care of business!

He played while I continued to fish until he finally went to take a nap. I got a text from Kayla about an hour later letting me know he was awake. About 5 minutes later I caught a 15″ smallmouth. I called her to walk Clayton down to see the fish. He came down, saw the fish and was ready to fish again. He grabbed his pole and cast out and reeled in, after doing this twice he looked up at me then looked at his pole then looked back at me and said “My pole is broke Daddy.” With that he threw his pole down and ran off and played. As far as I know he may not fish again until he has a 3 year old!


2 responses to “Gone fishin’

  1. Todd Coleman says:

    That sounds alot like my first fishing trip with Brady. I hadn’t been fishing since my dad died,17 yrs ago , It brought back alot of memories.

  2. Paris says:

    What a great day for you and Clayton. Take a kid fishing.

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