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Family Man

on May 21, 2010

Growing up there’s a lot of things I wanted to be called. Champ, baseball player, hero, cool, popular,  just to name a few. Yesterday I saw an article in a recent Sports Illustrated on Phil Mickelson. The title read “Inspired by an appearance from his cancer-stricken wife, family man Phil Mickelson was his daring and charming self as he strode to his third victory at the Masters and his biggest triumph ever.” There were two words that really stood out to me, FAMILY MAN. It was when I re-read that line that I realized, that is what I want to be called … Family Man!

As I read the article I became inspired to write (blog). Of course I could talk about a certain “other” golfer that could learn a thing or two from Phil but he is not worthy of mentioning. I will mention that over the years Phil has always been in the shadows, always been number 2 in golf. Well, knowing what I know now, I think I would take #2 in my profession and have the media recognize me as a Family Man over what ole’ what’s his name has (or doesn’t have)!

My father left a legacy as a Family Man and that is something I hope someday I will be recognized as. To this day (over 23 years after his passing) I still have people tell me how much he loved me, my Brother and Mom. I hope after I am gone that people will be telling Clayton the same thing.


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