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A Memorable day

on May 31, 2010

Recently, Kayla, Clayton and I were coming down I-75 from Louisville heading home to Pikeville. Clayton let us know he needed to use the bathroom. We took exit 115 (Newtown Pike) in Lexington and pulled into the Embassy Suites.

 I unbuckled him and rushed inside to the restroom. As we went by the front desk there was a United States Army Soldier checking in. Clayton said “Look Dad!” I replied with “Maybe when we come out of the restroom we can find that REAL HERO and say thank you.” So we went on in the restroom, used it, washed our hands and they walked out. As we stepped out of the restroom there stood the Hero we both wanted to thank. I said “Sir, my son has something he would like to tell you.” I leaned over and told Clayton to thank him. At this point the Soldier got down on one knee and leaned in, Clayton said “Thank You Sir.” I added that we appreciate our freedom and therefore appreciate his efforts. I added that we pray for them every night. The soldier then ripped his American flag from his uniform and handed it to my son.

I have met some pretty cool people in my life, I have been some nice places and I have experienced more than my fair share of neat things but this day, this Hero topped them all.


One response to “A Memorable day

  1. kosminski says:

    dude… that’s awesome. Glad Clayton has it figured out already… it took me a while.

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